Privacy Policy

White Data Center Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Our Company”) recognizes the importance of privacy of users (hereinafter referred to as “Customer”) of the service provided by Our Company (hereinafter referred to as “This Service”). Therefore, the following privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as “This Policy”) is stipulated in This Service.

[1] Definition of Personal Information

The term “personal information” as used in This Policy shall mean information on a living individual, which mean name, date of birth, and other information that can identify a specific individual (also refers to any of those that can be easily verified with other information to identify certain individuals) and any of those that include a personal identification code.

[2] Acquisition of Personal Information

Our Company may collect name, email address, address, telephone number, etc. with the consent of the Customer after clarifying the purpose of use.

[3] Use of Personal Information

Our Company may use personal information for the following purposes, within the scope of providing This Service by Our Company and service usage by the Customer.
For the Customer’s authentication when using This Service, when logging in or after logging in.
To contact the Customer regarding this service.
To respond to an inquiry from Customers regarding This Service.
To send an e-mail magazine which is deemed to be useful for customers.
To link and share the information between other services provided by Our Company.
To investigate the acts of Customers that violate our terms and conditions, and respond to it.
And any other purpose that is related to the items above.

[4] Handling of Personal Information

Our Company shall maintain the accuracy of personal information and manage it safely.
Our Company shall take appropriate security measures to prevent loss, destruction, alteration, or leakage of personal information.
Our Company shall properly manage personal information and take preventive measures against the loss, destruction, alteration, or leakage of personal information through the maintenance of the management system and employee training.

[5] Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

In the following cases, Our  Company may disclose personal information to third parties.
When Our Company has the consent of the Customer.
When disclosure is requested by an adjudication, decision, or order from laws, courts, or government agencies.
When disclosure is deemed to be required or appropriate to enact national security, law execution, or any other public interest purpose.
When the Customer violates the law, Our Company reasonably needs to take a measure to protect and defend their rights or properties.
When there is a claim that falls under  Article 4 of the Act on the Limitation of Liability for Damages of Specified Telecommunications Service Providers and the Right to Demand Disclosure of Identification Information of the Senders and Our Company determines that it is legitimate.
When entrusting the handling of personal information to third parties within the scope of the “Purpose of Use of Personal Information” (Limited within minimum information required for outsourcing. Our Company will implement maximum supervision to the third party outsourcing company).

[6] Request for Notification, Disclosure, Correction, Suspension of Usage of Personal Information

When there is a request regarding personal information by the Customer either for disclosure, correction/addition/deletion, suspension/erasure of use, suspension of provision to the third party, or notification of usage, Our Company will faithfully and promptly handle the request, after confirming that the request are indeed from the person themself in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Law.
Our Company may not respond to the request if it is deemed not sufficient by the requirements specified in Personal Information Protection Law, or if there is any reason that allows to refuse disclosure by Personal Information Protection Law or other laws and regulations.

[7] About Cookies

A cookie is a small text file stored in a browser of a customer’s computer that is using the service on the Internet. When the Customer browser accesses Our Company’s computer (hereinafter referred to as “The Server”), The server issues a unique string to identify the browser, and send cookies to the Customer’s device. When the browser with saved cookies accesses the same server again, The Server reads the cookies and identifies the Customer’s specific browser. From that point, The Server can simplify Customer input and show information suitable for the Customer by recording distribution history on the browser and adding information set by the Customer into cookies.
Customers can deny cookies (hereinafter referred to as “opt-out”) or delete the saved cookies on the browser settings. Some services on the internet may not function properly when set to not save the cookies.

[8] Acquisition of Access Data

By using cookies and similar technologies by legal and fair means, Our Company acquires access data (e.g. Customer action record, includes of content viewing history) of the Customer who use This Service (includes the Customer who solely uses This Service only for viewing the contents).

[9] Use of Access Data

Our Company use the access data within the scope of the following purposes:
To distribute optimized information to customers
To improve the quality of This Service by statistical analysis
And for any other usage purposes that related to the items above.

[10] About The Privacy Policy of A Third-party Business Operator Linked with This Service

Our Company may deliver content that meet the Customer’s interest or advertising that accompanies the content of This Service, by linking This Service with the third-party service.
Each third-party operator may obtain Customer’s access data according to their privacy policy.
See below for each third-party operator’s privacy policy and opt-out.
Currently, there is no applicable third-party business.

[11] Revision of Privacy Policy

Our Company shall review the operating status related to the handling of personal information as appropriate, strive for continuous improvement, and may change this policy as needed. The revised privacy policy shall be announced on this site at the time of change.

[12] Support Desk

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