We support the United Nation “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”
and work on various activites to achieve SDGs goals, such as zero CO2 emissions, environmental care, and contributing to the latest technology.


White Data Center


White Data Center (WDC) is a data center that has achieved zero CO2 emissions by using the cold energy from snow removal and renewable energy.


Technically, it’s not hard to build a 100% renewable energy data center, but creating a data center as such with cost effectiveness that can withstand commercial use is challenging.
WDC uses snow that are removed from streets by local government thus to greatly reduces the cost. In general, out of all electricity used for a data center, roughly about a half of them is used for cooling servers.
WDC uses snow, not electricity in order to cool severs, and this enables WDC to achieve zero CO2 emission with cost effectiveness at the same time.

Data Center with Zero CO2 Emissions


World’s Highest PUE Value

データセンター全体の電力使用量 ÷ サーバー機器の電力使用量 = PUE
データセンター全体の電力使用量 ÷ サーバー機器の電力使用量 = PUE

For example, if the PUE value is 1.0, no electric power other than running servers are consumed.
However, in the case of a normal data center, the amount of electricity to cool servers requires a comparable level of electricity running them. Therefore, the PUE value of a normal data center is about 1.5 to 2.0.

WDC PUE is 1.04 Even in The Summer


By minimizing the amount of cooling power usage, we’re able to achieve a price-competitive data center even by using 100% renewable energy (electricity).


Data Center Building

WDC can be expandable on demand basis.

1st Building
Steel Frame, Single-Story (110.46㎡)
Server room: 75.48㎡
Electrical room: 33.44㎡
Rack Capacity: 20 racks
Pumping facility: (37.90㎡)
Completion: September 18, 2015

Snow Mound

The snow mound is made from those which are obtained by Bibai municipal road snow removal.


By covering the surface with wood chips, the snow will remain until the next winter.


There’s a panel underneath the snow mound that lets the recycled water infiltrate into scallop shells. Furthermore, the antifreeze liquid which flows in the pipe circulates through the data center for cooling servers.

Food Production Facility

In the food production facility, the internal temperature is kept between 15~20 degrees by feeding server waste heat in the winter in order to cultivate vegetables and seafoods.

  • Komatsuna (Japanese mustard spinach)
    Komatsuna (Japanese mustard spinach)
  • Abalone
  • Abalone breeding tank
    Abalone breeding tank

Bibai, Hokkaido

立地 北海道美唄市


3, Chashinai-cho, Bibai, Hokkaido (Sorachi Industrial Park Area)


Area: 9ha


By car

About 7 km to Hokkaido Expressway Bibai IC (about 10 minutes)


About 7 km to JR Hakodate Main Line Bibai Station (about 10 minutes)

About 3 km to JR Hakodate Main Line Naie Station (about 5 minutes)


About 102 km to New Chitose Airport (about 75 minutes)


About 85 km to Ishikari Bay New Port (about 75 minutes)

About 115 km to Tomakomai Port (about 80 minutes)

Overall Image of Sorachi Industrial Park

立地 北海道美唄市

The Journey of Data Center Establishment


Server Housing

We will safely operate your server in the WDC data center.
The price will be estimated upon confirmation of the specific usage, so please feel free to contact us.

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  • Company name

    White Data Center Inc.

  • Established

    April 1st, 2021

  • Capital

    100 million yen

  • Head office

    3623-10 Chashinai, Bibai

  • CEO

    Shinichi Ijichi(CEO of Kyodo News Digital Co., Ltd.)

  • Board Member

    Director Toru Fujita

    Director Hiroshi Tokonami

    Director Kota Honma


    Auditor Kiyotoshi Murata

  • Shareholders

    Kyodo News Digital Co., Ltd. 59.52%

    Toko Electrical Construction Co., Ltd. 14.43%

    P.S. Mitsubishi Construction Co., Ltd. 5.95%

    Kaga Co., Ltd. 5.95%

    Snow-shop Kobiyama Co., Ltd. 4.76%

White Data Center
History & Backgrounds


WDC was proposed by “Bibai Nature Energie Research Association”,
a research institution in Bibai City.


Kyodo News Digital started feasibility study.


Bibai WDC Project Consortium was formed


Signed a comprehensive partnership agreement among Bibai City and Kyodo News Digital for the WDC commercialization.


Received subsidy as a research project from New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), a national research and development agency.


Patent was granted for WDC related technologies (Patent No. 6450068).


NEDO’s research project completed. Received high evaluation from NEDO for excellent experimental results


White Data Center commercialization plan stared.

April 1st

White Data Center Inc., has been incorporated by incorporation-type company split from Kyodo News Digital.